Wood Season

Wood and epoxy tables, chessboards, wall clocks and more

Chesboard of Wood And Epoxy with LED

Epoxy Chess

Burning Chess of Epoxy and Wood with Floating Effect. Fire Lava!

Epoxy Chess

Floating Chess of Oak and Epoxy Resin with LED

Epoxy Chess

Floating Chess of Wood and Epoxy Resin with LED

Night Lamp

Harley Davidson
Wood and Epoxy LED

Night lamp out of harley-davidson 1 12 model, epoxy resin and oak wood. Dedicated to all harley-davidson lovers like me.

Wall Clocks

Clocks made of Wood and Epoxy resin

Epoxy Table

Coffee Table from the wood and Epoxy resin

Built specifically for your home , our custom tables, chessboards, night lights and clock are handcrafted and are completely unique.

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